jeudi 28 mai 2009

Rien à voir

Parce que nous sommes toutes les mêmes (et qu'un peu d'auto-dérision n'a jamais fait de mal à personne), que la mode et aujourd'hui quasi universelle et globale, une petites pensées pour mes ladies-slim addict. J'ai bien rigolé quand je l'ai lu l'article ci-dessous dans le métro en rentrant de mes cours. Je vous retranscris un extrait, enjoy...

« Ever since Katie Holmes strutted down a New York sidewalk in a pair of loose denim jeans with rolled-up cuffs, distressed knees and ankle boots, girls have been trading in their skin-tight franken-jean (that make you walk like Frankenstein's monster) for the comfort of the boyfriend jean.
(...) No one should have to put on their clothes usnig a coat hager and the help of 50 Olympic weightlifters.
And as if she hasn't inflicted enough physical pain on herself, the average female then adds high hells and a push-up bra.
Why not just add a cron of thorns and flagellate wiht a whip while we you are at it, girls?
You are probably looking at an uncomfortable woman right now, with pinched red feet spilling out of her stilettos.
Yes, it is as painful as it looks, but there is no transport authority sign that says: « please offer a woman with stupid shoes and skin tight jeans a seat ».
She probably can't sit down in those jeans, anyway. (...)
Even skater boys, who you'd think would want ease of movement, are wearing strides tighter than Baryshnikov ballet leegings.
Lucky for them, boys seem to slink into them without too much hassle because they have no arse and thighs. (...)
We fell fat and bloated when we can't slip on your jeans because, these days, your pants are slimmer than ours.(...) »

Mx news paper, May 20, 2009 (l'équivalent de notre bon vieux Matin Bleu)

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